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 On December 18th of 2021, we went "ALL IN" on our dream to start our own Brand Development company! It started with creating logos and marketing strategies for smaller businesses, to providing garments, to now developing our own brand that we thoroughly stand behind.  We both have a deep passion for art, our city and working with other like-minded business to generate wealth!  So, we decided to combine our powers and use them for the greater good! 



Together, we create custom designs that represent the culture of our community, stances against social injustices, and mental health awareness. We enjoy taking our creative freedom to the next level and seeing how far our imagination can go. When working with clients, we like to make sure that we share a connection, and our visions align. In theory, we develop innovative logo designs, exceptional branding, and specialized marketing tactics for companies to help boost exposure, revenue, and overall appearance.


We also have a full-scale merchandise production assembly where we can apply your designs to any garment. Our newest investment is the Ricoma Luminaris 200, allows us print at a higher quality than other printers by utilizing white toner to make designs stand out on ANY surface! 

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