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Forest Sunrays


We are a family owned small business located right outside of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Legacy Creative Solutions specializes in Brand Development. Our company continuously works to increase revenue and exposure through tactical social media marketing techniques, custom graphics, and commercial printing. Our passion is creating a solution for your legacy!

Together with our niche for creative writing, marketing experience, and unique graphic production; The possibilities of growth for your business are endless! If you're looking to add variety and offer branded apparel and customized goods for your customers, then you're in luck because we just unveiled our newest white toner transfer printer, the Luminaris 200! 

Social media plays a vital role in marketing and creating relationships with customers. With limited barrier to entry, small businesses are beginning to use social media as a means of marketing. Unfortunately, many small businesses struggle to use social media and have no strategy going into it. As a result, without a basic understanding of the advantages of social media and how to use it to engage customers, countless opportunities are missed. This is why you came to the right place. We love to make people money!

We plan, create, and execute your vision everytime!